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Caleb Kudah is a young, passionate, and brave Ghanaian television journalist dedicated to unearthing corruption and power abuses in the country who works for Citi FM and Citi TV in Accra, Ghana. He is well-known for his investigative reporting and for being a voice for the voiceless in Ghanaian society.

Caleb Kudah Biography And Wiki

Real name

Caleb Kudah
Nickname Caleb Kudah
Date of birth June 25, 1994
Age: 29 29
Gender Male
Place of birth Accra, Ghana
Country of Origin  Ghana
Occupation Journalist, sports broadcaster, digital content creator, and media figure
Religion  Christianity
Marital Status Married
Caleb Kudah net worth  $20,000.00.
Caleb Kudah Social Media Facebook @Caleb Kudah, Twitter @Calebkudah

Who is Caleb Kudah?

Kudah was born in 1994 in Accra. He is known for his fearless commitment to jurisprudence. Despite the challenges and risks of his job, Caleb Kudah is dedicated to his work as a journalist and to promote accountability in Ghanaian society. His contributions to journalism and the greater cause of social justice serve as a reminder of the media’s critical role in supporting democracy. Caleb Kudah is an extraordinary person, and his legacy will continue to inspire and affect others for many years to come.

Caleb Kudah Age

Born on June 25, 1994, Caleb Kudah is currently 29 years old as of 2023.

Caleb Kudah Education

He was raised in a middle-class family and studied information studies at the University of Ghana. He maintained his interest in journalism after completing his undergraduate degree, earning a Master’s degree in journalism at the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Caleb Kudah was active in student journalism and a member of the University of Ghana’s campus radio station, Radio Univers, throughout his undergraduate years. Here he found his passion for journalism and the impact it can have on society.


Caleb Kudah Early Life and Career

Caleb Kudah started working as a journalist as an intern at the Multimedia Group in Ghana after earning his master’s degree in journalism. He later joined Citi FM and Citi TV, where he now works as a producer and broadcast journalist. He has written about many different topics, such as politics, human rights, and social justice.

For his investigative reporting, Caleb Kudah is renowned for exposing corruption and power abuse in Ghana. He has written about subjects like Ghana’s farmers’ difficulties and the illegal mining sector. He has also written about the absence of good water in some areas.

Caleb Kudah Biography

Caleb Kudah gained notoriety in 2021 after being detained by National Security agents for reportedly filming without permission at a location supposedly owned by the National Security Ministry. He reportedly endured physical assault and intimidation while being held, which incensed Ghanaians and global human rights organizations.

The episode sparked a national debate in Ghana about press freedom and political accountability, with many demanding changes to safeguard journalists and guarantee that abuses of authority are dealt with. The detention and eventual release of Caleb Kudah have come to represent the Ghanaian people’s fight for journalistic freedom and human rights.

Caleb Kudah is well known for his advocacy for social justice and human rights. He has openly stated the need for journalists to hold government leaders accountable and work to create a more just and equitable society in Ghana.

Caleb Kudah is a youth empowerment and education champion in addition to his journalism career. He has volunteered with various groups in Ghana that aim to improve the lives of young people, and he has participated in mentorship programs for aspiring journalists.

Is Caleb Kudah Married?

Caleb Kudah is known for keeping his personal life private, and little is known about his relationships or family life. However, he has spoken publicly about his passion for charity work and is involved in several philanthropic initiatives in Ghana.

Caleb Kudah Net Worth

As a young journalist, Caleb Kudah has an estimated net worth of $20,000.

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Awards and Recognition

Caleb Kudah has garnered numerous prizes and accolades for his efforts in journalism in Ghana.Kudah was named Best Student Journalist at the Ghana Journalists Association Awards in 2020. He has also been nominated for Best Investigative Journalist at the Radio and Television Personality Awards for his investigative reporting.

A Quick Fact About Caleb Kudah

Caleb Kudah is a daring and committed journalist who has made a big impact on Ghana’s media environment. Both his peers and the public appreciate and admire him for his dedication to investigative reporting and exposing power abuses. Ghana’s national dialogue on media freedom and political responsibility has been spurred by the episode involving his detention and alleged assault, underscoring the need for changes to safeguard journalists and make sure that those in positions of authority are held accountable.


The work of Caleb Kudah demonstrates the crucial role that the media plays in advancing social justice and democracy. The young journalists in Ghana and around the world are inspired by his commitment to upholding the public interest and holding those in positions of authority accountable. Caleb Kudah is a prime example of how journalism can influence society for the better, and his contributions to the industry will be felt for years to come.

Caleb Kudah has made significant progress as a young journalist and already made his impact on Ghana’s media landscape. He has gained respect and recognition for his courage and determination, and a new generation of journalists has been motivated by his work to pursue investigative reporting and speak the truth to power.

Caleb Kudah Selflessness

In addition to his journalism, Caleb Kudah has been a strong supporter of education and youth empowerment. In addition to mentoring numerous aspiring journalists, he has been active in a number of programs aimed at bettering the lives of young people in Ghana.

Caleb Kudah is dedicated to his work as a journalist and to advancing responsibility and openness in Ghanaian society despite the difficulties and dangers inherent in his line of work. His contributions to journalism and the larger fight for social justice serve as a reminder of how crucial the media is in advancing democracy and human rights. Caleb Kudah is a very extraordinary person, and his legacy will keep inspiring and influencing people for a very long time.

Caleb Kudah Social Media

If you want to keep in touch with the finest Ghanaian journalist, you can do so through his social media accounts below:

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